European Commission: GDPR in numbers

European Commission: GDPR in numbers

On January 25, 2019, the European Commission (the “Commission”) issued an infographic on GDPR since its application

  • 5,180 complaints before EU national data protection authorities (“DPAs”).
  • 41,502 data breaches.
    The DPAs have initiated 255 investigations in the context of EU cross-border processing activities, most of them following individual complaints.
  • Three fines have been issued under the GDPR so far.
    • €5,280 by the Austrian DPA on September 12, 2018 for unlawful video surveillance.
    • €20,000 by the German DPA of Baden-Württembergfine on November 21, 2018, for failing to protect users’ personal data.
    • €50 million fine by the French DPA (CNIL), on January 21, 2019, ifor alleged GDPR violations of the transparency, notice and consent requirements.

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