EDPB is an idependent eurpean body established by the general data protection regulation which contributes to the consistent application of data protection rules throughout the European Union. EDPB promotes cooperation between the EU and EEA- EFTA data protection supervisory authorities. The EDPB is composed of representatives of the national EU and EEA-EFTA data protection supervisory authorities, and the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). The EDPB has the following main tasks:

  • Issuing opinions, guidelines, recommendations and best practices on the interpretation of core concepts of the GDPR and on promotion of a common understanding of the GDPR and a consistent application of data protection rules throughout the Union european
  • Binding decisions on disputes regarding cross-border processing activities
  • Ensuring a uniform application of EU rules to avoid the same case potentially being dealt with differently across various jurisdictions.
  • Examination – on its own initiative or on the request of one of its members or the European Commission – any question covering the application of the GDPR.
  • Provision of the European Commission with an opinion on the assessment of the adequacy of the level of protection in a third country; with an opinion on the icons and with an opinion on the certification requirements.
  • Advicing the European Commission on any issue related to data protection in the EU, including on any proposed amendment of the GDPR and any EU legislative proposal. It also has to advise the European Commission on the format and procedures for the exchange of information in the framework of the Binding corporate rules.
  • Providing opinions on draft decisions of the supervisory authorities.
  • Promoting cooperation and the effective exchange of information and best practice betweennational supervisory authorities

In addition to that, the EDPB has to issue binding decisions in three cases. These cases are mostly about dispute resolution among supervisory authorities:

– when a supervisory authority concerned has raised an objection to the draft decision of the lead supervisory authority or when the lead supervisory authority has rejected the objection (one stop shop mechanism);

– when there are conflicting views on which supervisory authority is the lead supervisory authority;

– when a supervisory authority does not request the opinion of the Board (opinion required under the consistency mechanism) or does not follow the opinion of the Board.

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