UK government has published a notice providing more detail about how its data protection law will work in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal. It is indicated that the fundamental principles, obligations and rights that organisations and data subjects have become familiar with will stay the same.

As it has been indicated in the notice, the regulations and more detailed guidance are supposed to be published in the near future. These regulations would:

  • Preserve EU GDPR standards in domestic law
  • Transitionally recognise all EEA countries (including EU Member States) and Gibraltar as ‘adequate’ to allow data flows from the UK to Europe to continue
  • Preserve the effect of existing EU adequacy decisions on a transitional basis
  • Recognise EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) in UK law and give the ICO the power to issue new clauses
  • Recognise Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) authorised before Exit day
  • Maintain the extraterritorial scope of the UK data protection framework
  • Oblige non-UK controllers who are subject to the UK data protection framework to appoint representatives in the UK if they are processing UK data on a large scale

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