EDPB has published on 18th july an information note on international data transfers after Brexit.
Under Article 39(4) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, the EDPS shall adopt a list of the kinds of processing operations subject […]
EDPB has published on 16th july a guidance on documenting processing operations for EU institutions, bodies and agencies (EUIs). These […]
EU – U.S. Privacy Shield – Second Annual Joint Review report – 22/01/2019 Opinion 28/2018 regarding the European Commission Draft […]
Guidelines 1/2018 on certification and identifying certification criteria in accordance with Articles 42 and 43 of the Regulation 2016/679; Guidelines […]
We have explained the role of EDPB in our previous publication. On February 12, 2019, the European Data Protection Board […]
On January 22, 2019, the European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) issued a report on the Second Annual Review of the […]
EDPB is an idependent eurpean body established by the general data protection regulation which contributes to the consistent application of […]


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